FB3000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine

Stretch hooding capacity of 80 loads per hour

The new Bocedi FB3000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine range has been specifically designed for the most challenging production cycles and packaging requirements. Due for release in early 2021, The FB3000 Stretch Hooder has a hooding capacity of 80 loads per hour and is capable of working with a large variety of load shapes and sizes. 

The new FB3000 Stretch Hood Machine will feature a patented system that allows you to do all the machine maintenance at operator level. It features optimized film opening system capable of processing all film types (super thin or thick , printed and compact in height, making it easy to fit in low ceiling warehouse spaces. 

Bocedi provide quality Stretch Hood packaging equipment 

Quality and reliability are always priorities for Bocedi when designing packaging equipment. Ideal for a range of products including paper, glass, bagged products and dead weights. The FB3000 Stretch Hood Machine comes with the FROMM Two Year Warranty! With a wide variety of Stretch Hood machine models, FROMM can find the perfect match for your production rates and packaging requirements.

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