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Battery Powered Hand Strapping Tools

FROMM designs and manufactures a complete range of Battery powered hand strapping tools for easy manual strapping.

All our hand strapping tools are engineered to be easy to use. We focus on creating an ergonomic and lightweight design that is easy to handle and reduces operator fatigue over extended use.

Each model is optimised to the strap width. The tension force of each strapping tool is directly related to the strap dimension. For example the P318 is designed for the 9 and 12mm strap usually found in beverage, logistics and paper industries tensions to a maximum of 800N whereas the P331 designed for up to 32mm wide strapping used in the heaviest of applications such as the steel and aluminium industries applies a tension force of up to 7000N. Using FROMM plastic (PET) strapping you should be able to achieve a seal joint well in excess of 75% of the original material. To ensure consistency each tool can be customised to provide the strapping tension force required for your application.

All our strapping tools use the latest lithium ion battery technology to ensure maximum performance with minimal recharging requirements. The batteries feature internal diagnostics so a Fromm trained technician can check the general condition and the number of recharges.

FROMM battery hand strapping tools are made in our state of the art factory in Italy under strict ISO controls and standards. FROMM drop test the tools to ensure they can handle challenging industrial environments. This is why each of our tools comes with the FROMM Australia 24 month warranty as standard.

FROMM Australia offers a range of purchase, rental and lease options and service contracts are available to regularly maintain and calibrate your strapping equipment to ensure reliable service.

Check out our Fast Product Finder to see what strapping tool is suited to your needs or contact FROMM by phone or email to get our expert advice.

To view our Strapping Solutions range in a printable format click here.