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Environmentally Friendly

FROMM is focused on manufacturing and distributing products that are environmentally friendly.

With the announcement that FROMM Packaging has confirmed the joint venture with ALPA, the first movements towards a closed loop environmentally friendly strapping program has commenced.

In Europe FROMM not only make the strapping from 100% recycled PET resin, they even make the resin. Extending the loop further FROMM with its collaboration are now involved in collecting the used PET from a variety of sources including kerbside collections.

FROMM PET strapping comes from used water bottles, used soft drink bottles and used PET strapping. The used products are collected, cleaned, any contamination or foreign objects removed and then the waste is turned into RPET resin.

FROMM use the resin to manufacture its high-quality PET strapping and also sell the resin to others for various industrial applications.

In theory, all FROMM strap can be recycled and recycled meaning the manufactured strapping (approximately 30,0000 tonnes per year ) creates no waste or impact on the environment.

Our environmental & sustainable practices include:

  • Continually reducing the carbon footprint of all our processes, operations and facilities, including the use of energy-efficient machinery and tools.
  • FROMM only distributes Bates Dunnage Bags that are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable once they have been used.
  • All FROMM Wrapping Machines and Machine Wrap products are manufactured to ensure pre-stretch film delivery is maintained to reduce your stretch film wastage, by up to 50% each year.