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FROMM is a global leader in plastic and steel strapping with manufacturing facilities strategically located in Europe, South & North America and South East Asia.

Plastic PET Strap

FROMM extrude both smooth and embossed Plastic (PET) strapping from 9mm to 32mm widths and various densities to suit a wide variety of strapping equipment.

FROMM strap manufacturing plants all use modern extrusion methods and our global Manufacturing Manager ensures that each plant maintains the same exacting standards and methods.

To meet specific customer requirements we can custom engineer the strapping properties, including elongation and retained tension, which is critical in industries such as food & beverage, paper and baling. Short run customised strapping with different colours and the ability to print on the strapping for clear product identification is also available.

Steel Strap

FROMM recommend steel strapping for many applications including high temperature and for very small bundles such as steel, copper or aluminium pipes and tubes.

We have over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing steel strapping tools and we work closely with the best steel strapping manufacturers around the world to offer the correct steel strapping material for the application.

Our range includes standard and high tensile steel strapping in bundle sizes, from 15kg coils up to the 500kg plus jumbo coils which require specialised dispensers.

Polypropylene (PP) strap

To complete the strapping range FROMM also offer Polypropylene (PP) strap used in applications such as bundling of newspapers, box strapping in the food industry and general warehouse use to save money on freight.

Strap Accreditation and Testing

Through our association with the Engineering Division of the University of Sydney, we undertake rigorous testing of all straps to confirm compliance to standards and specifications and share the results with our customers as needed.

Load Restraint & Containment is a serious issue and there are legal implications to get it right. FROMM has a working relationship with Engistics. Australia's premier logistics engineering services.  Together we have developed guidelines for the transition of steel strapping to PET Strapping in some of Australia's biggest industrial companies. 

  • Fromm Packaging PET strapping

    Plastic (PET) Strap

    The next generation of polyester strapping! FROMM’s PET strap
    is made to the highest quality & offers substantial cost savings
    compared to steel strap.

  • Fromm Packaging Steel strapping

    Steel Strap

    FROMM Packaging Australia stock an extensive range of regular duty and high tensile steel strap for use in FROMM's extensive range of hand tools & automatic strapping machinery.

  • Fromm Packaging PP strapping

    Polypropylene (PP) Strap

    Polypropylene (PP) strap from FROMM Packaging Australia is designed and manufactured specifically to meet the tolerances and specifications that ensure trouble free operation in all popular brands of strapping machines.

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