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FROMM Packaging is Melbourne’s leading supplier of wholesale packaging supplies and equipment. For more than 70-years, FROMM have been providing equipment and packaging supplies Melbourne companies and brands can rely on for quality and affordability.

Today, FROMM Packaging partners with businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia to deliver a diverse range of essential packaging supplies from strapping and stretch wrapping, to packaging materials, export supplies and ancillary items. From industrial to retail, ecommerce, and shipping, our team can work with you to create a customised solution that ensures you’re always stocked with the right supplies at the best price.

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Melbourne’s Leading Packaging Supplies 

When it comes to wholesale packaging supplies in Melbourne, Fromm is a one-stop shop for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We provide packaging solutions, equipment, and supplies to brands right across Australia from our Keysborough warehouse.

Our extensive range of Melbourne packaging supplies includes:

Strapping: strapping materials, strapping accessories, strap choppers, pallet corners, and all of the consumables required to maintain load containment.

Stretch Wrapping: supplies for stretch wrapping include pallet wrapping films, orbital wrapping films, and related consumables that are required to provide an extra layer of protection for products during transport.

Packaging Materials: materials for packaging include shrink wrap films, bubble wrap, packaging tape, and void fill. Our range of wholesale packaging materials provides reliable protection and (in many cases) multiple uses with cost-saving features.

Export: packaging supplies for export include dunnage bags and shipping container desiccant to ensure effective management of risk during load shift and ensure that cargo arrives at the other end of its journey as intended.


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Wholesale Packaging Equipment Melbourne

Fromm Packaging is the leader in packaging supplies and equipment. Our equipment has been designed with quality and longevity in mind. Backed by a two-year warranty and the reassurance of a local team of technicians and equipment experts, we’re proud to offer the best packaging equipment Melbourne has to offer. Our range of wholesale equipment includes:

Machines & Automation: Strapping machines, inline strapping machines, dispensers, strapping heads, stretch wrappers, orbital wrapping machines, stretch Hood machines, stretch wrapping robots, curtain wrapping solutions, and inline wrapping machines.

Packaging Tools: Battery strapping, pneumatic strapping, manual strapping.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Water Activated Tape Dispenser, Paper Airpad Machine, Paperpad Void Fill Machines.


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Why Choose FROMM Packaging?

Fromm Packaging has been delivering cost-effective, high-quality, sustainable packaging equipment and supplies Melbourne companies rely on for more than 70-years. We collaborate closely with our clients and ensure that our product and processes meet customer demands to ensure that they can operate smoothly. Our points of difference include:

  • Two years warranty on packaging products
  • Environmentally friendly packaging solutions
  • Transparent service with clear, up-front pricing
  • 11 technicians delivering after sales support & service
  • Simulation testing on products to ensure quality & consistency

Our enduring commitment to value, quality, and sustainability means that our wholesale packaging supplies in Melbourne are backed by 145+ five-star reviews from happy customers on Trustpilot across metals, manufacturing, 3PL warehousing, construction, agriculture, food and beverage, and timber and board industries.


Melbourne Packaging



At FROMM Packaging, we offer equipment and supplies that enable you to pack your goods with efficiency and safety. From consumables such as plastic straps, tape, and stretch wraps to machinery such as carton taping, strapping, and wrapping machines, we provide everything you need to optimise your business operations and protect your goods for transport. Our range of packaging supplies and solutions in Melbourne includes the following essential items:

  • Strapping Machines
  • Wrapping Machines
  • Strapping Tools
  • Machine and tool consumables like wrap, tape, and strap
  • Carton taping machines
  • Void fill machines

For our full range of wholesale packaging supplies and solutions in Melbourne, browse the collection online or contact FROMM Packaging by phone or email.

FROMM Packaging’s advanced, state-of-the-art packaging solutions are built on the effectiveness of our high-quality machinery, including the following packaging machines:

 All of our packaging equipment and solutions in Melbourne are tried and tested to offer the best possible benefits to streamline and enhance your business’s operations.

Yes — our packaging supplies and equipment are available for rent in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to hire a pallet wrapping machine or a set of strapping tools, FROMM Packaging can provide high-quality rental packaging equipment.

The expert team at FROMM is able to help you select the ideal packaging equipment for your business needs. Get in touch with us to receive personalised recommendations for the best packaging equipment and supplies available in Melbourne.

FROMM Packaging specialises in offering customised packaging solutions to all Melbourne businesses. Every business model is unique, and so their packing solutions should be, too. Our experts can work closely with you and your business to choose and design packaging solutions that align with your brand, products, and operational requirements.

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