Packaging Consumables

FROMM Australia provides high-quality packaging consumables to improve your operational efficiency.

We stock a wide variety of packaging consumables including PET Strap, PP Strap, Steel Strap, Pallet Wrapping Films, Shrink Wrap Films, Bubble Wrap, Airpad film, Packaging Tape, Dunnage Bags, Desiccants, Pallet Stability Products and Industrial Marking Pens.

Each consumable item has been selected to offer quality, consistency and commercially acceptable pricing.

If you’d like to learn more about our packaging consumables, please feel free to Contact FROMM by phone or email to get our expert advice on what consumable packaging products are best suited to your business.

Packaging Consumables

Strap Consumables 

Strapping consumables are ideal for securing and stabilising your products to pallets, ensuring reliable packaging during shipping and storage.

Strap Accessories

Strap Choppers

Pallet Corners

Plastic (PET) and Steel Strap Dispenser

Seals & Buckles

Stretch Wrapping Consumables

Explore our range of stretch wrap solutions for pallet wrapping and orbital machine wrapping with up to 200% stretch capability for maximum wrap efficiency.

Pallet Wrapping Films

Orbital Wrapping Films

Shrink Wrap Films

Plastic Packaging Material

Flexible plastic packaging consumables to protect the integrity of your packages, from void fill to bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap

Packaging Tape

Void Fill

Export Packaging Consumables

Keep your export shipments dry and free from contamination with desiccants.

Dunnage Bags

Shipping Container Desiccant

Ancillary Packaging Items

Pallet Stability

Industrial Marking Pens

FROMM Advantage

Two year warranty

Two year warranty

Industry leading two year warranty

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable packaging solutions

Every metre matters

Every metre matters

Clear and guaranteed product specifications

Service & Support

Service & Support

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5 star rated

5 star rated

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Simulation testing

Simulation testing

Fromm can simulate the G forces of stress that occurs during transport


Setting the right tension and not overloading the package with too much weight can help prevent strap breakage. The FROMM packaging consumables range includes PP straps with tensile strengths of up to 400kg breaking strain, and steel strapping material with breaking strains of up to 22650 N.

It is important to configure strapping machines accurately to accommodate these breaking limits to avoid placing the strapping material under too much strain which can potentially lead to breakage.

PET straps offer higher tensile strength with less room for flexibility, making them ideal for heavy loads where load stability is more important to prevent breakage. PET straps are also UV-resistant for outdoor storage applications. On the other hand, PP straps have lower tensile strength but are more flexible. They are a more cost-effective alternative for lighter loads.

Yes, FROMM provides a more sustainable packaging consumable alternative to traditional bubble wrap. We offer Airpad paper cushions that serve the same purpose as plastic bubble wrap, acting as void-fill cushions that provide a layer of protection for loosely packaged products. These paper pads are made from 75% recycled paper and can contain up to 99% air when fully inflated.

These Airpad paper cushions are compatible with the FROMM Airpad Paper Cushion Machine.

Our PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) straps are designed for single-use applications and are not recommended for reuse. Reusing PET straps may compromise their tensile strength and lead to potential breakage in subsequent applications. For the best results, we recommend using new fresh PET straps for each package operation.

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