Paper Airpad Machine

Sustainable Void Fill Machine

The Airpad Paper Cushion Model, is a compact table top machine capable of generating up to 8 meters of pillow film per minute. It's simplistic design and optional add-ons makes it easy to integrate and adapt into small to medium volume warehouses and packing lines.

Compatible with FROMM Airpad Paper Cushion Film, the machine inflates and seals the film pockets utilising ambient air - reducing energy consumption and noise. Featuring FROMM's patented sealing technology the risk of air leak failure is eliminated, ensuring all pillows are filled and ready to provide ultimate cushioning for your products.

FROMM Airpad film is a sustainable and effective way to protect your goods during transport. Filled with 99% air and made from 75% recycled paper, FROMM paper pillows offer a lightweight and sustainable alternative to plastic bubbles and polyester loose fill, without compromising protection. The lightweight nature of the film helps reduce packaging weight, therefore reducing shipping and transport costs.

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