The FROMM Advantage

At FROMM Packaging we have built a reputation as the trusted packaging supplier in Australia and we go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customer needs. We take great pride in ensuring that we provide the right products and services to all our customers. 

We have developed a new statement called FROMM Advantage. The FROMM Advantage is a list of reasons which define why FROMM Packaging is the global leader in end of line packaging solutions. 

Two Year Warranty

To provide you with peace of mind all FROMM packaging equipment includes a free two-year warranty, effective from the date of delivery to your site, covering structural components and non-wearing parts.


Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customer needs. We take great pride in ensuring that we provide the right products and services to all our customers. You can view our reviews online by clicking here


Service Solutions

FROMM Service Solutions provides on-site expert support to optimise the performance and reliability of your packaging equipment. Our qualified team of field service technicians have been trained to service all FROMM stretch wrapping, strapping and carton taping equipment delivering complete service solutions to meet your needs.


Product Testing

Your first impression with any customer is your product packaging. When you ship a product, you trust that the product will arrive in the same condition that it left in. But its not always the case. It’s estimated that returns can be as high as 4% due to damage through transit. For companies that are…


Every Metre Matters

FROMM Packaging Australia guarantee that every roll of FROMM stretch wrapping film or polyester strap that you purchase is the same length as quoted in the FROMM Technical Data Sheet at a minimum.



FROMM is focused on producing products that are environmentally friendly. All PET Plastic Strap is manufactured from recycled plastic and when you purchase and use FROMM Wrapping Machines we can guarantee that you will reduce your stretch wrap usage and waste.


FROMM In the Community

We believe it’s important to give back to the local communities that support us. We   have a number of charity partnerships and projects designed to create sustainable,   positive change in our local areas.



Innovation is a major driver of our business and key to our success. Our product development and technical teams work closely with you to understand the manufacturing environment and your requirements. This knowledge allows us to design solutions that will increase your production output.  We are always researching and developing new products to ensure we…

Local to you

FROMM is local to you. We have offices along the east coast of Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A local distribution in Fremantle WA, so we are easily accessible to 90% of the Australian population. We have products ready to ship and technicians available to create packaging solutions for your business.

Back Up Equipment

FROMM is the only packaging manufacturer that has a range of back up loan equipment on hand and ready for dispatch if you experience any technical problems. This will ensure you are back up and running as quick as possible with minimal fuss while we repair your machine.

Stock Commitment

FROMM Australia guarantees that all our main product lines are available for immediate dispatch from one of our Australian warehouses. You will never experience long wait times or delays due to the product being shipped from an international warehouse.

Accredited Manufacturing Facilities

All FROMM products undergo strict quality testing and comply with ISO9001 certification. This accreditation is your assurance of quality in our production process, technical support and the finished product.

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