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Wulftec WCRT175 Automatic Inline Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine

Wulftec Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine can wrap up to 65 pallets per hour

The Wulftec Wulftec WCRT175 Automatic Inline Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine is a rotating arm around a stationary pallet. It can be stand alone system or integrated into a packaging line. 

Capable of up to 65 pallets per hour, the WCRT 175 rotates up to 12RPM, allowing light or unstable loads to be stretch wrapped safely and securely. 

With customisation packages including in or out of process topsheet dispensers, the Wulftec WCRT175 can also be refined to operate in hot, cold, dusty or clean environments. The Wulftec 175 can be used for wrapping bricks, tiles, timber, pharmaceutical products and logistics distribution facilities.  

It features the FROMM two year warranty and can be upgraded to five years with a film contract included. 

Combined with Wulftec's famous robust design with high production capacity makes it the ideal choice for heavy industrial environments. 


  • 2200kg load weight capacity
  • 100% structural steel construction
  • 630mm ring gear with pinion drive
  • Automated lubrication system
  • Allen Bradley controls and touchscreen
  • 500mm NO-THREAD film carriage and 250% stretch capacity
  • Capable of wrapping up to 65 pallets / hour
  • High degree customisation available
  • Easy on screen diagnostic panel
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • Non proprietary spare parts
  • Stand-alone system or integrated

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Max. Load Weight 2200 kg
  • Max. Load Size 1220 x 1220 x 2032 mm
  • Pre-Stretch 250%
  • Rotary Arm Speed 15 RPM
  • Controls Allen Bradley
  • Throughput Up to 65 pallets / hour
  • Film Carriage 500mm (standard)
  • Power 415 / 3 / 15
  • Air Supply Needed 3 CFM @ 80 PSI

Machine Options

  • Conveyors Roller or chain
  • Conveyors Infeed, outfeed and process conveyor
  • Safety System Category 3 and 4
  • Film Carriage 750mm
  • Topsheet Dispenser Available
  • Top Platen Available
  • Roping Device Manual or pneumatic
  • Extensions Increased height / width
  • Heat Seal Conveyor / arm mounted
  • Paint Custom colours
    Protective paint

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