FB1000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine

Stretch hood up to 70 pallets per hour with automatic film feeding selection

The Bocedi FB1000 is an Automated Inline Stretch Hood Packaging Machine designed for palletized goods. Designed to stretch hood up to 70 pallets per hour. The FB1000 Stretch Hooder Machine can be arranged with up to 3 different sizes of tubular stretch film reels, with an automatic film feeding selection, to offer the flexibility to pack various pallet sizes with one machine only.

FB1000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine is practically maintenance-free. It is manufactured with top quality, mechanical devices to guarantee very low downtimes and to offer continuity to your production cycle.

Minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads such as shifting, ripped or loose packing, crushing, water damage and infestation. Ideal for a range of products including paper, glass, bagged products and dead weights.


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