Wulftec SMLPA200 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Social distancing is easy with a SMLPA200 Wrapping Machine remote control start feature

The Wulftec SMLPA200 Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine is the industry’s most robust standalone wrapping machine. FROMM has now upgraded our base model in Australia with the standard plus panel. Built big, strong and tough the SMLPA200 allows the forklift operator to place the pallet, and start the cycle with remote control.  This wrapping machine will ensure your warehouse staff meet the new government social distancing laws. The operator never needs to leave the forklift, meaning no human contact, contactless packaging area, creating a safe work environment for your staff with lower WH&S risks. 

Capable of wrapping up to 160 pallets per day and with up to 250% power pre-stretch it can generate one metre of the film on the roll to 3.5 metres on the pallet. Saving you thousands per year on stretch film. The SMLPA200 is the most productive and cost-effective wrapping machine on the market.

The new standard plus panel features a touch screen, 3 preset wrap patterns, alarm readout and the ability to password protect wrapping patterns. 



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