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Wulftec SMLPA200 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Most productive Pallet Wrapper. Up to 250% film stretch.

The Wulftec SMLPA200 Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine is the industry’s most robust standalone wrapping machine. Built big, strong and tough the SMLPA200 allows the forklift operator to place the pallet, and start the cycle remotely so other tasks can be performed. The operator never needs to leave the forklift, meaning the SMLPA is the most productive wrapping machine on the market.

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All equipment is supported by our on-site mobile service team and spare parts are readily available.


Film-stretch-250 Pallet-height-2m weight-2275 Throughput-160
  • Patented cut/clamp/wipe system
  • 100% all steel construction
  • Easy access to all components
  • AC variable frequency drives and motors 
  • Local parts availability - most are non-proprietary
  • Allen Bradley PLC and AC motors
  • NO-THREAD® powered pre-stretch carriage
  • Automatic pallet height detection sensor
  • 2 Year unlimited cycle warranty
  • Cut and wipe to secure film
  • Soft start and stop for light loads
  • Fully adjustable wrap programs
  • Automatic operation by remote control, no need to leave the forklift
  • Capable of wrapping up to 160 pallets per day
  • 250% film stretch - 1 metre film = 3.5 metres after stretch

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Max. Load Weight 2275 kg
  • Max Wrap Height 2032 m
  • Max. Turntable Speed 16 RPM
  • Turntable Diameter 1650 mm
  • Profile Low
  • Pre-Stretch 250%
  • Power 240 volt
  • Air Supply Needed 3 CFM @ 80 PSI

Machine Options

  • Extended Mast Up to 3200mm
  • Extended Base Available
  • Wash-down Motors For wet or corrosive environments
  • Steel It Paint Rust protection coatings available
  • High Speed 24 RPM
  • Exit 90 degree exit
  • Electronic Scales Available
  • High Profile Turntable Available
  • Pneumatic Roping Available

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