FROMM Rental Solutions

FROMM Rentals is a great alternative to buying packaging machinery outright. You can rent a simple Battery Strapping Tool all the way through to an Automated Wrapping System.

The monthly rental program can be tailored to suit your needs, with FROMM offering a range of supporting consumables for the rental and your application. Additionally, regular servicing agreements can be added to ensure the rental equipment is at optimal performance. At the end of the rental agreement the equipment can simply be returned without any further obligation.

  • No need to fund an upfront purchase.
  • No need for a capex approval.
  • Tax deductible operational expense.
  • Fixed term – return the equipment on expiry and upgrade to new model.
  • Regular servicing agreements can be added to ensure optimal performance.

Rental Offers

FSW360 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

P328S Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

FCS30SDR Automatic Carton Taping Machine

Rental Calculator

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