About FROMM Packaging - Market Leading Packaging Solutions

FROMM Australia is the leader in developing and producing high quality packaging, strapping and wrapping solutions for the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Our packaging equipment has been proven in assisting thousands of Australian businesses to unitise and palletise goods for transport.

Our extensive range includes manual and automatic strapping, stretch wrapping and carton taping systems to suit any size of business and throughput. This is complemented by a wide range of ancillary products including our patented Airpad pillow system, and all the required packaging consumables so businesses can get all their packaging needs from a single supplier.

The FROMM Advantage

At FROMM Australia we work closely with our customers to develop packaging solutions that meet your current and future requirements and allow you to run your businesses efficiently and economically.

The FROMM Advantage is a free service we offer all our clients. We are the only end of line packaging manufacturer with a dedicated R&D department and we have the largest in-house Service and Support team in Australia. Our aim is to ensure that your products arrive at their destination safe and in one piece.

Some of our services include:

  • Static testing to ensure load containment doesn’t affect the load restraint.
  • Test the load constraint to ensure the load is energised and secure within the strapping or wrapping

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A History of Quality

FROMM Australia started as Australian Warehouse Solutions in 1977 and has been a subsidiary of the global FROMM Group since 2010. FROMM is a Swiss family business with 70 years of experience in providing quality packaging solutions. It operates in over 50 countries, through 30 subsidiaries and a large network of sales partners.  

FROMM believes in logical vertical integration while upholding traditional values such as proximity to customers, quality, continuity, independence and environmental awareness, which are the reasons for decades of success.

Packaging Research & Development

At FROMM we are always testing and developing new products and are at the forefront of the latest technologies and concepts. Our long established and experienced team of service technicians and constantly develops new strapping and wrapping techniques and packaging products using the latest 3D CAD systems. Up-to-date test procedures guarantee the high FROMM quality standards.

Quality Manufacture

We take pride in the quality of our packaging equipment. Each of our packaging machines undergo strict quality testing and complies with ISO9001 certification.

Environmental Responsibility

FROMM PET wrapping films and plastic strapping are produced from recycled plastic bottles or LLDPE film in our own manufacturing plants to satisfy the most rigorous environmental requirements. The plant is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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