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Benefits of FROMM Wrapping Solutions

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    Two year warranty

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    Environmentally friendly

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    Every metre matters

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We can help you find the right product to meet your needs

A Pallet Wrapping machine is economical and efficient way to of securing loads on a pallet. A Pallet Wrapping Machine will wrap your products on a pallet using a plastic stretch film to enable protection during transit and the best way of ensuring load integrity

FROMM manufacture and distribute a wide variety of pallet wrapping machines to suit most applications. Whether you need to wrap small or tall pallets, light or heavy loads, odd shapes and sizes we have a stretch wrapper to suit your requirements.

We suggest you use one of our website tools to work through what pallet wrapping machine is best for your application.

FROMM has formulated a great blog article showcasing the steps you need to follow on selecting the right Pallet Wrapping Machine for your business. Click Here

Fromm has a wide range of Semi Automatic and Automatic Inline Wrapping Machines that are fitted with electronic eyes that detect the pallet height (regardless of the film colour or pallet). When the electronic eye no longer sees the pallet it knows it’s at the top so cycles down accordingly.

Its called Stretch Film for a reason. Its designed to be stretched. Different formulations and different stretching systems (film carriages) give different outcomes.

Pre stretch is the process of stretching the film in a pre stretch carriage PRIOR to applying it to the load to be wrapped.

A FROMM film carriage, when combined with our machine grade stretch film, gives excellent repeatable outcomes. FROMM Stretch Film is capable of 250% stretch that represents great value for money converting one metre on the roll to 3.5 metres on the customer pallet.

Yes, scales can be added to most wrapping machines and they can speed up the dispatch process allowing you to wrap, weigh and dispatch your goods within minutes.

The scales sit within the wrapping machine and an additional wrapping machine option that we can install. FROMM can retrofit the FSW360 Pallet Wrapping Machine with scales.

This is where FROMM Packaging is different to other packaging equipment manufacturers in the market. With our FROMM Advantage service, we work with you to ensure your packaging machine is working effectively and packaging your goods correctly to ensure every shipment arrives at its destination safely. Some of the methods we use to test wrapping effectiveness include:

  1. There are formal guidelines set down for the securing of product under the load restraint guidelines - ntc.gov.au . Most of these guidelines are for transport and transportation, however it’s a good policy to follow for two important reasons. Firstly by following the NTC logic you can be confident that your system and securing of loads, does not affect the load restraint detrimentally. Secondly as you are moving product around your warehouse, or at your customers, you can be confident that any local accident (i.e. forklift) your product is secure and safe.
  2. FROMM Testing – Your secured load should be able to withstand 0.8G of stress in the forward direction, and 0.5 G of stress in the side or reverse direction as a minimum. On site FROMM can assist you with some static tests to confirm that the stretch film applied can withstand these parameters.

If you would like some assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact FROMM Packaging today.

A force to load machine, offers little stretching of the film and would normally be recommended for low throughputs. (ie less than 15 pallets per day). A Forced to load machine relies on the pallet pulling the film off the roll and through the machine with low stretch. We have developed a special HYBRID film to get the best results out of a “force to load” system. A pre-stretch machines does exactly what it says, it stretches the film through a series of rollers on the carriage, prior to the film being applied to the pallet. It will give you the lowest possible cost per pallet wrapped whilst maintaining load integrity.

From an WH&S prospective, try walking around a pallet waving a 3 KG roll of plastic, perhaps 10 revolutions and with a dizzy head you have probably answered your question. If your despatch department is wrapping multiple pallets per day, a simple stretch wrapping machine would make life easier and safer.

Other important elements to consider are -

From a presentation point of view pallets wrapped by hand are different almost every time when pallets wrapped by a machine present consistently. A stretch wrapping machine can unitise the a pallet to the same standard time after time.

From a load integrity prospective, a pallet wrapped by machine you can regulate how it is wrapped and how much film you have applied to ensure load stability. When doing the same by hand, even with the most diligent employee it's hard to get it right.

From an environmental prospective a wrapping machine will usually give you a better safer product using less plastic than by hand. Less plastic means less waste, simple really.

From the all-important cost prospective, a machine can save you around 40% in film costs compared to wrapping by hand. Do the numbers just in film savings and you will see a benefit. Take into account what else your employee could be doing instead of walking around a pallet, you have productivity savings too.

Finally, with COVID19 and social distancing laws in place, you can keep your employees separated by using machines and limit the need to gather in busy despatch areas.

The first question we need to determine is your production output and how many pallets per day you need to wrap. If you are wrapping less than 15 pallets per day, this is possible with a machine from as little as $5000. Wrapping more than 16 pallets a day and stretch wrapping machines range and functionality from $8,000 to $20,000 depending on a few factors.

Lets face it, having someone running around a pallet, wrapping it by hand in a busy dispatch area can be a recipe for disaster. FROMM Packaging has created a detailed blog page with a range of different videos to showcase the benefits of wrapping your pallets by machine versus by hand.

Click here to view the blog article

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