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A Super Jumbo Strap Dispenser will Improve your Production Throughput & Eliminate the Human Risk of Repetitive Injury.

FROMM Super Jumbo Strap Coils & Dispensers can improve your production throughput and effectively eliminate the human risk of repetitive injury from picking up smaller coils at roll changes. With warehouse injuries on the rise in Australia, it’s time to start looking at safer options for your employees. According to Safe Work Australia, 41%* of all serious claims were the result of muscular stress while lifting or handling objects.

The FROMM Super Jumbo Strap Coil & Dispenser feature three coils on a pallet.  The pallet is loaded by forklift onto the FROMM dispenser eliminating any human lifting. By way of example, each coil has up to 25,000m of strap equating up to 75,000 metres of strap on one dispenser. An equivalent standard strap roll has up to 2000m of strap.

Time Savings from using the FROMM Super Jumbo Coils compared to 43 standard FROMM Strap rolls: 

  • Eliminates 43 manual lifts
  • Eliminates 40 roll changes at 10 minutes each
  • Eliminates 40 machine resets
  • Eliminates 40 cardboard cores that usually end up in waste.

This is an astounding improvement for Staff WH&S conditions and with up to 7 hours saved per pallet of strap, production throughput is increased.

The FROMM Super Jumbo dispenser can be purchased with a FROMM strapping system, retrofitted to an existing FROMM system or be added to other brands. 

FROMM Super Jumbo Plastic Strap

FROMM Plastic Strap is made from recycled plastic bottles. Using up to 98% recycled polyester bottle material on state-of-the-art extrusion lines. The majority of this recycled raw material is produced, amongst others, in FROMM‘s own plastic recycling plant Texplast GmbH in Wolfen. FROMM Plastic Strap is a sustainable packaging solution.  

FROMM can produce PET Strap in traditional green, and a range of colours for different customers or markets.  


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