FB2000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine

Stretch hooding capacity of 280+ pallets per hour depending on the load size

The Bocedi FB2000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine range has been specifically designed for the most challenging production cycles and packaging requirements.

The FB2000 Stretch Hooder has a hooding capacity of 280+ pallets per hour depending on the load size.

The FB2000 Stretch Hooding machine can be equipped with up to six different stretch film sizes, with automatic film selection to make sure your load is always wrapped with the best film size and to reduce the amount of plastic used for each pallet wrapped.

FB2000 Stretch Hood Packaging Machine includes eight different models:

Max pallet size per machine model (LxW):

FB2000 Small: 1100x900mm
FB2000 Standard: 1500x1300mm
FB2000 XL: 2150x1300mm
FB2000 XLA: 2150x1600mm
FB2000 XL CC: 2000x1900mm
FB2000 XXL: 3000x1300mm
FB2000 XXXL: 3600x1300mm
FB2000 XXXL+: 3600x1700mm

Bocedi provide quality Stretch Hood packaging equipment 

Quality and reliability are always priorities for Bocedi when designing packaging equipment. The FB2000 stretch hooder has a patent on the sealing bar lowering system, for easy access to the maintenance area at floor level.

Ideal for a range of products including paper, glass, bagged products and dead weights. The FB2000 Stretch Hood Machine comes with the FROMM Two Year Warranty! 

With a wide variety of Stretch Hood machine models, FROMM can find the perfect match for your production rates and packaging requirements.

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