Wulftec WCA-SMART Automatic Inline Turntable Wrapping Machine

Automatic Wrapping Machine that can wrap a pallet without human involvement

The Wulftec WCA-SMART Automatic Inline Turntable Wrapping Machine can be integrated into an existing packaging line or stand-alone. 

Capable of wrapping up to 50 pallets per hour, the WCA Smart Stretch Wrapper can wrap a pallet without human involvement. 

The turntable rotates as the film carriage goes up and down to secure valuable cargo for storage and transportation. Customization packages mean the WCA Smart Pallet Wrapping System can handle tall loads up to three metres. Work in cold environments, with the addition of a platen less stable pallets, can also be wrapped. Integrating a top sheet dispenser to the WCA wrapper provides the ability to waterproof or dustproof your pallet. 

It features the FROMM two year warranty and can be upgraded to five years with a film contract included. 

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