Striker Dunnage Bags

Efficiently protect cargo with Bates new striker valve dunnage bags

Sustainable, waterproof, and guaranteed not to deflate* the new striker dunnage bag can be inflated using a fixed or portable inflator.

For those with an established compressor or airline, FROMM offers a Fixed Inflator Tool attachment compatible with the new Striker valve.  The tool features an easy-grip clip for quick attachment and inflation.

Using the Portable Battery Striker Inflator we add the flexibility of using the dunnage bags wherever you choose without needing long air hoses. Hook up the striker inflator and press the trigger. Fast to fill, and easy to operate we now offer an inflation method to suit fixed or flexible environments.

Our range includes three Bag sizes, which accommodate most spaces so you can secure your cargo for transit easily and safely. Custom bags are available upon request with the Dunnage bags able to withstand loads of up to 20 tonnes. We offer technical support so if you have a space you need to fill, FROMM can make the correct recommendation ensuring safe transport of your valuable cargo.

*subject to normal use and handling

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