Shipping Container Desiccant with Active Mineral MBD99

Desiccant Bags that protect your cargo from moisture contamination

Exclusive to FROMM Packaging Australia, Shipping Container Desiccant Bag with Active Mineral MBD99 protects your cargo from moisture contamination. Active Mineral MBD-99 Cargo Guard is specially formulated to lower the dewpoint inside shipping containers to guard against moisture damage whilst in transit.

Active Mineral MBD-99 inhibits the formation of mould, mildew, rust and corrosion. Active Mineral MBD-99 prevents humidity and moisture from weakening cartons and labels. Shipping Container Desiccant Bag with active mineral MBD-99 provides over 60 days of moisture protection and is guaranteed to absorb up to 65% of its own weight in moisture.

Active Mineral MBD-99 is deal for use in ocean, truck and rail shipping containers.

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