Strapping Solution for Millform Australia

Strapping Solution for Millform Australia

Industry: Steel Manufacturing
Packaging Solutions Provided: Strapping
Date of Installation: August 2022

Pictured: Wes Croft - FROMM (left), Michael Mills - Millform (right)

Strapping Solution for Millform Australia

"A good outcome all round" - FROMM works with Millform to review and improve onsite packaging

Millform Australia provide building products and solutions for diverse industry sectors. They specialise in the engineering and manufacture of quality cold rolled steel products to commercial, construction, industrial, agricultural and government clients.

As an Australian owned and operated company, with more than 50 years experience, they lead from the front with all aspects of product quality, customer support, and efficient delivery.

Constantly looking to improve, Millform looked to alternate solutions across their business to deliver competitive, operational, safety, and sustainability improvements.

Michael Mills, Supply Chain Manager, identified the improvement opportunity and engaged FROMM Australia to work collaboratively to review onsite packaging.

The historical use of steel strapping was reviewed due to the key drivers of cost, operational improvements, work place safety and sustainability. Working with Millform's team at Eastern Creek, Wes Croft was able to demonstrate the use of FROMM’s high quality polyester strapping material. Coupled with FROMM’s world famous battery strapping tools, Industry proven and in many cases “certified” by Engistics P/L , Millform and FROMM were able to undertake tests comparing the performance of steel and plastic strapping.

The outcome of these tests, including road trials, has been able to result in Millform:

  1. Arresting spiralling steel packaging costs
  2. Reduce the time spent on strapping product
  3. Improve operator and staff safety as the FROMM PET strapping has no sharp edges, doesn’t rust and is easy to handle
  4. FROMM PET Strapping is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable so Millform customers have the opportunity to reduce their industrial waste


“A good outcome all round” noted Michael Mills as people in his position have had to work at both ends of the scale to balance multiple objectives.