Inline Strapping Solution for a Manufacturer of Plasterboards

Inline Strapping Solution for a Manufacturer of Plasterboards


Plasterboard Manufacturer

Packaging solutions provided:

Inline Strapping Machine

Date of installation:

August 2023

Inline Strapping Solution for a Manufacturer of Plasterboards

FROMM recently partnered with a leading Plasterboard Manufacturer to improve one of their production lines.

Upgrading & Automating an Existing Strapping Line

Our customer is a well-known manufacturer of plasterboard products in Brisbane QLD.

They had an old packing line desperately in need of an upgrade.

Reliability, production speed and modern safety standards were all part of the brief given to FROMM.

Critically a very small window for installation and start up.

FROMM built a brand new strapping station to be integrated into the existing packing line. To mitigate OH&S risks, we provided the strapping material onto our super jumbo dispensers effectively eliminating all lifting requirements for staff. The dispenser was also placed inside a safety cell to ensure no possible risks. On presentation of the plasterboard the strapping system automatically detects the product, drives into position and applies the strapping at the correct force to unitise the product without damaging it.

Multiple straps are applied depending on the size of the pack and the final destination.

The old system was removed and replaced by the FROMM technicians with the whole project operational within 48 hours of commencement.

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