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Inline Strapping Machine and Robotic Bearer System for Tasmania Timber Mill

Inline Strapping Machine and Robotic Bearer System for Timber Mill
Industry: Timber Industry
Packaging solutions provided: Inline Strapping Machine and Robotic Bearer System
Date of installation: 26/8/19

In keeping with FROMM Packaging position within the timber industry, yet another system has been installed, this time for a mill in Tasmania.

The customer already had a FROMM system from a previous project and with the new expansion mill, a strapping system was needed.

Whilst FROMM was the logical choice based upon experiences, a number of factors were added to enhance the offering.

  • Upgrading of the previous version of the strapping head to be compatible with the new system.
  • Advanced robotics using an ABB IRB460 4 axis robot to pick bearers. FROMM has been working globally to add a high quality bearer solution ongoing and using the larger ABB robot appears to meet market expectation. The larger reach of the 460 allows for multiple bearer storage positions and sizes.

Delivered and installed approximately a week after arrival, the system passed commissioning phase and is now running in automatic with FROMM and customer ironing out any anomalies to ensure production is achieved.


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