High Speed Wrapping Solution for One Harvest

High Speed Wrapping Solution for One Harvest


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Packaging solutions provided:

FROMM FA7 HD Rotating Arm Wrapper

High Speed Wrapping Solution for One Harvest

One Harvest is an Australian producer of fresh prepacked salads, vegetables and stir-fries.

Our customer One Harvest wanted to upgrade their three packaging facilities to cater for growing demands for their products.

After review they appointed Bosch to upgrade and install new robotic tertiary packaging lines. FROMM was appointed to provide three fully automatic high speed stretch wrapping systems.

The brief was 70 pallets per hour, cold environment, and a light weight fragile product in a box.

The FROMM FA7 HD rotating arm wrapper, with two motor pre stretch film carriages is able to regulate film tension and speed.  This in combination with FROMM's Forza 12um film, provides optimal pallet load containment, with no risk of crushing or damage to the product.

Both the machine and film are capable of performing in cold conditions without impacting wrapping integrity.  Overall the project was a great success with One Harvest's pallet requirements being achieved.

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FA7 Series Automatic Inline Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine

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