Automatic Strapping Machine for Cartonised Meat Products

Automatic Strapping Machine for Cartonised Meat Products


Food & Beverage

Packaging solutions provided:

FSM Cube Strapping Machine

Date of installation:

August 2019

Automatic Strapping Machine for Cartonised Meat Products

Our customer is a major producer of cartonised meat products. Located in Victoria they process and package meat for domestic and overseas consumption. The cartonised products are strapped while on a conveyor line before being palletised and shipped out.

FROMM introduced them to the new range of Automated In line Carton Strapping Systems made by our partners SMB in Germany. This is a high-value solution, reliable and robust. The "Cube" strapping machine came with a double press to ensure the lids were firmly in place prior to the strapping being applied. The innovative DAT ( Direct access technology) means that the transition to a new strapping machine was smooth and staff training minimal. DAT means that should there be a strap jam or failure, simply opening the machine, removing the impediment and then closing the system was 90% of the training need. The Cube strapping machine funnels any problem to a collection area where the strap can be removed and automatically resets its self.

There were a whole host of clever functions to maximise the customer's production, and they are delighted with the outcome thus far. The first service will be at 1,200,000 strap cycles

The FROMM "Cube" strapping machine comes with a double or single press and is available in stainless steel for heavy industrial environments.

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