Automatic Inline Strapping System for Plasterboard Manufacturer

Automatic Inline Strapping System for Plasterboard Manufacturer
Our client is a manufacturer and distributor of plasterboard in NSW. They had an automatic strapping system on site which was rendered redundant by a competing supplier due to the lack of spares and support. Staff had been strapping by hand for some months resulting in increased labour costs, time and no direct control over packaging integrity.

FROMM Packaging Solution


FROMM Australia conducted a review of the existing machinery and recommended that we could engineer a solution by retrofitting key components to the old strapping machine.  A new strapping track, bayonet system to push the strap through the pallet, strapping head and some electrical communication protocols were installed onto the infrastructure.

At the same time, to give the machine an “as new” feel the whole device was repainted, cleaned and the old strapping program updated.

A project such as this can be installed and commissioned for under $65,000 whereas a new machine would have been over $150,000.

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