Automatic Carton Taping Solution for prepacked food manufacturer

Automatic Carton Taping Solution for prepacked food manufacturer


Food Industry

Packaging solutions provided:

Automatic Carton Taping Machine

Date of installation:

May 2020

Automatic Carton Taping Solution for prepacked food manufacturer

Our customer is a high profile packer of fresh salads, sold in plastic "take away" style pre-packed containers.

Daily they pack and despatch to the major retailers for sales into the Australian market.

Their needs where two-fold:

1. With the speed of production, the temptation existed for operators to inadvertently place themselves in harm's way when doing simple things such as changing rolls of tape. Automated mechanisms for stopping the lines did not exist, so jammed fingers often resulted.

2. During the investigation process, we were faced with the Coronavirus and it was clear the packing lines, parallel to each other with staff managing the processes, needed to be revisited to meet with social distancing and other associated risks.

Both problems were resolved with the introduction of FROMM's fully automated FCS50SDF Carton Taping Machine 

Firstly the automatic systems removed the need for human interaction. Long infeed and outfeed sections kept hands well away from anything sharp, moving or sticky. Roll changes were accommodated by accessing the tape cassettes through interlocked access doors. These doors when opened shut all moving parts instantly so as needs arose, the personnel could do ancillary tasks quickly and safely before returning the machines to automatic modes.

Secondly, due to the size of the machines, 1.5-metre social distancing occurred as staff had no need to gather at the taping point and the larger footprint automatically separated the employees.

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