Automated Wrapping System for Milk Powder Manufacturer

Automated Wrapping System for Milk Powder Manufacturer


Milk Powder Manufacturer


Food & Beverage

Packaging solutions provided:

Automated Inline Wrapping System

Date of installation:

March 2018

Automated Wrapping System for Milk Powder Manufacturer

Our customer produces around 15 pallets of milk powder per day. The product is placed in 25KG sacks and put on the pallet via a robot. The customer would wrap each pallet by hand but due to export requirements, weight, WH&S requirements and type of perishable goods, it was proving to be a very labour-intensive process. Powdered milk is a high value commodity and our customer needed to be confident of the load containment process.

FROMM Packaging Solution


The project had some obstacles due to the amount of space allowed for the equipment. Low roof height meant a customised wrapping column, narrow spaces meant the safety zone had to be carefully considered.

As the load was a "dead weight" and throughput relatively small, FROMM recommended the FA6 Automatic Inline Wrapping Machine to integrate with the existing production conveyor systems. The FROMM wrapping machine turntable would rotate allowing the stretch film to be applied in a pre-agreed format. A top sheet applicator was included to add an extra protective layer at the top of the pallet.   

Once the wrapping cycle was completed the stretch film was cut and applied to the pallet which then moved out of the wrapping zone and picked up by a forklift to be placed into storage pending despatch.

The benefits of this packaging line to our customer were the reduction in personnel required for the wrapping process, higher pallet throughput, controlled packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.

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