Automated Strapping & Wrapping System for Can Manufacturer

Automated Strapping & Wrapping System for Can Manufacturer


Can Manufacturer


Food & Beverage

Packaging solutions provided:

Inline Pallet Wrapping & Strapping Machine

Date of installation:

March 2018

Automated Strapping & Wrapping System for Can Manufacturer

Our customer produces two piece aluminium beverage cans, which are then forwarded to fillers to have the relevant liquid added. Their pallets are traditionally large 1200 x 1400 x 3000mm with layers of empty cans. Even when strapped, interstate or country customers can experience some damage or empty cans falling off.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM engineered a solution where by the strapping would be equalised around the large pallet to give consistent tension.

The "floating" head design drives that strapping some 100mm when under tension to give better tension on the opposite sides of the pallet. The FROMM MH550 automatic strapping head with the "float "gives excellent load stability to large, uneven and even fragile goods.

After strapping the pallet moves to the new wrapping area. Light loads such as empty cans require the stretch film to be stretched at predetermined settings to ensure it doesn’t create a pulling drag and destabilise the pallet. Using our motorised pre stretch wrapping system and a 750mm wide film reel, the wrapping medium is evenly applied to the stationary pallet giving enhanced load security and a "dust proof" cover.

The strapping and wrapping machines were installed during a customer agreed maintenance shutdown. The new machinery was integrated into the existing conveyors and gave minimal start up inconvenice.

The benefits of this packaging line to our customer were the load containment required for the wrapping and strapping process, higher pallet throughput, controlled packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.

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