Automated Inline Strapping System for Brick Manufacturer

Automated Inline Strapping System for Brick Manufacturer


Brick manufacturer


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Automated strBrick industry

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October 2016

Automated Inline Strapping System for Brick Manufacturer

FROMM Packaging designed and installed two new strapping stations that will revolutionise the way strap coils are managed and changed in the brick manufacturing industry.

FROMM Packaging Solution


FROMM Packaging engineered two automatic in line strapping machines for a large blue chip brick manufacturer. During the scope of works our technicians worked closely with the customer to determine their needs to ensure the machine was built to meet their requirements.

The strapping track needed to be free of contamination and brick impediments that could cause damage. FROMM Packaging engineered a system to allow debris to seamlessly fall to the ground rather than collect in the track to reduce downtime and product failure.

The customer wanted to remove the manual lifting process of changing around 200 strap coils per month. FROMM Packaging engineered new automated strap dispensers and moved to jumbo 16,000m strapping coils reducing downtime between each coil change.

The strap remains on the transport pallet and placed onto a turntable that then feeds the strap to the strapping machines as needed. PLC controls are provided so the massive coils don’t unwind and the strapping heads draw the correct amount of material as required. In addition to this the strapping coils were placed a distance from the strapping station, so a special chute design was used to move and protect that strap over the distance. The system requires virtually no human interaction and alarms are in place to indicate when the strap coils need to be changed. The strapping head automatically cleans itself after each cycle.

This installation was an Australian first in the brick manufacturing industry and will revolutionize the way strapping coils are managed and changed. This new strapping system has reduced the amount of downtime required between each strap coil change, reduced the heavy lifting and associated OH&S issues for changing coils and finally installing a system to remove debris from the strap tracks has resulted in less product failure.

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