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Performance Standards

National Transport Commission

Industry Standards

Common Delivery Guidelines

Internal Standards

Individual Business Standards

Performance Standards

Performance Standards set by the National Transport Commission (NTC) are law, implemented for the safe transportation of goods.

A load in transit must be able to withstand the movement or "forces" outlined within the NTC Performance Standards.  These standards are to ensure pallets are properly restrained and that load containment is met in the event of stress during transportation e.g. braking, turning a corner, emergency stopping etc. 

"If a load is restrained to meet these Performance Standards it will not fall off or affect the stability of the vehicle under expected driving conditions. This includes emergency braking and minor collisions." - National Transport Commission, 2018

These standards are extensively covered in the NTC Load Restraint Guide


National Transport Commission

Industry Standards - Common Delivery Guidelines 

When sending pallets to key customers, it is important to be aware of their wrapping standards.  Woolworths, Coles and Metcash follow Industry Standards set by the Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC).  Whilst these standards uphold the NTC Performance Standards, certain specifications need to as well be actioned to ensure pallets are properly accepted and processed.  Varying from requested standards can be costly and/or create safety risks.

Some of Woolworths wrapping requirements include:

Clear film 

Clear, stretch film with high clarity is the recommended and approved material to wrap pallets with. Clear stretch film when used correctly, has great load containment properties and allows visibility for product identification and scanning. Other films without stretch properties are also able to be used as long as they are clear.  Clear ventilated wrap may be used in circumstances where wrapped products require ventilation.

No tails or dags

Tails and dags must be securely sealed to the pallet.  Certain pallet wrappers have sealing mechanisms that use static or heat to seal the film to the pallet at the end of the wrapping cycle. 

Correct Labelling

Labels are attach to the pallet as per Woolworths guidelines.

Warehouse Standards

Internal Standards 

Businesses need to establish & document internal pallet wrapping standards to ensure consistency & accountability.  These standards must undergo a risk assessment to confirm safety. 

In the event where pallets cannot be restrained in accordance with the NTC Performance Standards, internal standards should apply.

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