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Finding the right machine film solution can generate a rapid ROI for your business, as it will you’re your products avoid potentially costly damage during shipping and/or storage. The greatest benefit that comes with partnering with FROMM is that we offer the finest packaging solutions. Providing a wide range of machine film, including stretch film and orbital wrapping films, we aim to meet the needs across various industry sectors, including logistics, distribution, food, and paper.

FROMM’s stretch film provides protection so you can improve packing and shipping efficiency. Our Stretch Film maintains high puncture resistance, clarity, and retention. Our machine grade orbital stretch films are designed using the newest resins to offer incredible stretch whilst maintaining the pallet load integrity.

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Market leading machine film with up to 200% stretch, saving you money!

Whatever you call it – pallet wrap, stretch wrap, stretch film, or machine film – Our selection of high-quality products includes clearblack, specialised colours, UV resistant, and thick or thin gauge stretch films. Our full line of stretch film is available in machine and hand-applied formats, so for the right pallet wrap that will see your investment secured and guarded. If you need guidance, FROMM’s expert team will help you choose which stretch film best suits your needs.


At FROMM Packaging we have built a reputation as the trusted packaging supplier in Australia and we go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customer needs. We take great pride in ensuring that we provide the right products and services to all our customers. 

We have developed a new statement called FROMM Advantage. The FROMM Advantage is a list of reasons which define why FROMM Packaging is the global leader in end of line packaging solutions. 

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A force to load machine, offers little stretching of the film and would normally be recommended for low throughputs. (ie less than 15 pallets per day). A Forced to load machine relies on the pallet pulling the film off the roll and through the machine with low stretch. We have developed a special HYBRID film to get the best results out of a “force to load” system. In contrast a pre-stretch machines does exactly what it says, it stretches the film through a series of rollers on the carriage, prior to the film being applied to the pallet. It will give you the lowest possible cost per pallet wrapped whilst maintaining load integrity.

This is where FROMM Packaging is different to other packaging equipment manufacturers in the market. With our FROMM Advantage service, we work with you to ensure your packaging machine is working effectively and packaging your goods correctly to ensure every shipment arrives at its destination safely. Some of the methods we use to test wrapping effectiveness include:

  1. There are formal guidelines set down for the securing of product under the load restraint guidelines - . Most of these guidelines are for transport and transportation, however it’s a good policy to follow for two important reasons. Firstly by following the NTC logic you can be confident that your system and securing of loads, does not affect the load restraint detrimentally. Secondly as you are moving product around your warehouse, or at your customers, you can be confident that your product is secure and safe.
  2. FROMM Packaging has a range of specialised machinery that can test your secured pallets for efficiency. Technically your secured load should be able to withstand 0.8G of stress in the forward direction, and 0.5 G of stress in the side or reverse direction as a minimum. FROMM can run some static tests to confirm that the stretch film applied can withstand these parameters.

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Its called Stretch Film for a reason. Its designed to be stretched. Different formulations and different stretching systems (film carriages) give different outcomes.

Pre stretch is the process of stretching the film in a pre stretch carriage PRIOR to applying it to the load to be wrapped.

A FROMM film carriage, when combined with our machine grade stretch film, gives excellent repeatable outcomes. FROMM Stretch Film is capable of up tp 250% stretch that represents great value for money converting one metre on the roll to 3.5 metres on your pallet.

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Two year warranty

Industry leading two year warranty

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Environmentally friendly

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Every metre matters

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Service & Support

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5 star rated

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Simulation testing

Simulation testing

Fromm can simulate the G forces of stress that occurs during transport


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