PM50000 Automatic Inline Polyester Strapping Machine

Side sealing strapping system installed worldwide in the can, bottle, paper and beverage industries.
Continuous and shift operations.

Fromm strapping machines are manufactured with a sturdy steel structure to deliver the best results.

  • Strapping head on side
  • Can use any Fromm strapping head (MH550, MH600, MH610 and MH611)
  • Automatic and manual functionality
  • Siemens controls and touch screen
  • Modular with many add on features
  • Uses PET strapping
  • Fast strapping cycle
  • Plug and play technology
  • High production capacity
  • Extensive customisation and options available
  • Fast and simple roll changes
  • Fromm 2 year warranty
  • 150,000 service intervals
  • On screen fault finding

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Max. Load Weight Dependent on conveyors
  • Max. Load Size Unlimited
  • Seal Joint Friction, up to 85% of strap breaking strength
  • Power 415 / 3 / 15
  • Strap Width 9 - 32mm
  • Strap Thickness 0.40 - 1.35mm
  • Tension Speed 105mm / second
  • Maximum Tension 7000 Newtons

Machine Options

  • Strapping Track Fixed or gated
  • Strapping Head Fixed or floating
  • Compression Top or side, top and side
  • Compression 1000 - 5000 kg
  • Dispensers Standard, jumbo or superjumbo
  • Corners Top corner applicators
    Bottom corner applicators
  • Bearer Feeder Magazine or robot
  • Cleaning Automatic head cleaning
  • Bayonet Fixed track or bayonet to strap through the pallet

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