Automatic Inline Strapping Machine - 100000 Series

Automated Top Seal Strapping Machine for Timber, Logistics, Bricks and Metals with lots of modular options.

The FROMM 100000 series of automated strapping machines would be considered the global workhorse of the group. 

From its simplest form all the way through to an optioned machine you will fins it strapping a diverse range of products including Paper, Corrugated Cartons, Beverage Containers, Timber, Tiles, Bricks and blocks, Steel and aluminium products including ingots, pipe, tubes and coils. 

The 100000 series has add on's including robotic inserters, high compression, label applicator, protective corners and sheets.

The series for either plastic or steel strapping has variant for every product group. 

Ask FROMM for a 100000 series solution for your strapping needs. 







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