FR350 Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Robot

Compact, Versatile & Cost-Effective Wrapping Solution

The FROMM FR350 magnetic brake stretch wrapping robot is a semi-automatic machine designed to efficiently wrap a variety of pallet sizes and shapes.  For businesses with limited space or multiple wrap locations, the FR350 provides a cost-effective solution as it is compact and portable.

The stretch wrapping robot is customisable to your specific wrapping needs.  FROMM offer a variety of mast sizes to accommodate for pallet heights between 2100 – 2800mm and the option to choose between two different control panels with multiple wrapping patterns.  This ensures your pallet is wrapped to the upmost of quality.

When compared to hand wrapping, the FR350 reduces the amount of stretch wrap you use and warehouse labour.  The stretch wrapping robot operates with a magnetic brake system, stretching your film up to 100%.  This ensures you to get the most out of your stretch wrap saving you money without compromising wrap quality.  The machine can also wrap pallets faster than manual wrapping methods, freeing up your employees to focus on other tasks.


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