FR2000 Semi-Automatic Robotic Wrapping Machine

with Æolus - the Latest Wrapping Technology

The new FROMM FR2000 with Æolus is the latest self propelling stretch wrapping robot on the market.  The revolutionary and patented Air technology, Æolus by FROMM attaches the film to the pallet with air.  At the start of the wrapping cycle, the Æolus attachment blows film against the pallet and is secured upon the first rotation of the robot. This completely eliminates the need to attach film to the pallet by hand. At the end of the cycle the film is automatically cut and the film dag or tail is attached onto the pallet by air. In combination with a remote control and film cutting device, the user can remain on the forklift during the entire process, creating an automatic wrapping experience.

Additional machine features include a new state of the art 7" touch screen, allowing the user to access all machine settings, wrap programs and service information at the touch of a button.  The machine also features visual & audible operational signals, a robust safety bumper and photoelectric sensor ensuring safety is maximised at all times during the wrapping cycle.  


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