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FSW360 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapper capable of up to 200% pre stretch. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

The new FSW-360 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine features a single motor pre-stretch film delivery, generating 3m of film from 1m of film input. This means the wrapping film is stretched to maximise load containment and delivers a low cost per pallet wrapped, saving you money.

The FSW-360 Pallet Wrapping Machine can wrap up to 70 pallets per day, it comes standard with a Two Year FROMM Warranty and it features a user-friendly control panel. It has been designed for minimal staff training. Ensuring busy warehouses with staff turnover we still maintain the best load containment results.

A range of machine options can be added to the FSW-360 wrapping machine they include integrated weighing system and printer, access ramps, frames for submerged floor mounting and an interchangeable photocell to detect dark surfaced products.

The FSW-360 Wrapping Machine will lead the market with its quality European construction, 200% pre-stretch technology, two-year warranty, easy to use control panel and range of added options that can streamline your packaging and dispatch areas.

FSW-360 Machine Options:

  • Weight Scales and integrated printer Available
  • Frame for submerged floor mounting
  • Access ramps
  • Interchangeable photocell to detect dark surfaced products


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Film-stretch-200 weight-2000 Throughput-70
  • Single motor pre-stretch head
  • Fully programmable wrapping patterns
  • Automatic pallet height detection
  • Powered pre-stretch film delivery
  • Adjustable film tension from the control panel
  • FROMM Two Year Warranty
  • Capable of wrapping up to 70 pallets per day
  • 200% film stretch - 1 metre film = 3 metres after stretch
  • Requires minimal experience to operate
  • Perfect balance of simplicity, efficiency, durability & flexibility

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Profile Low
  • Pre Stretch 0-200%
  • Power 240V
  • Max. Weight 2000kg
  • Max. Height 2100mm
  • Max. Speed 12RPM
  • Turntable Diametre 1650mm

Machine Options

  • Scale Unit Available
  • Weight Indicator with ABS Case Available
  • Stainless Steel Column for weight indicator Available
  • Printer for Labels Available
  • Extended Mast Up to 2500mm

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