FSW360 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapper capable of up to 200% pre stretch. Generating 3m of film from 1m of film input

The new FSW-360 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine features a single motor pre-stretch film delivery, generating 3m of film from 1m of film input. This means the wrapping film is stretched to maximise load containment and delivers a low cost per pallet wrapped, saving you money.

The FSW-360 Pallet Wrapping Machine can wrap up to 70 pallets per day, it comes standard with a Two Year FROMM Warranty and it features a user-friendly control panel and integrated film cutter. At the end of the cycle the film is cut automatically and the forklift driver can remove the pallet without needing to get off the forklift, increasing staff efficiency. 

It has been designed for minimal staff training. High quality wrapping machines ensure busy warehouses with staff turnover we still maintain the best load containment results. 

A range of machine options can be added to the FSW-360 wrapping machine they include integrated weighing system and printer, access ramps, frames for submerged floor mounting and an interchangeable photocell to detect dark surfaced products.

The FSW-360 Wrapping Machine will lead the market with its quality European construction, 200% pre-stretch technology, two-year warranty, easy to use control panel and range of added options that can streamline your packaging and dispatch areas.


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Date of installation:

December 2015


We recently completed a project with a client who wanted to reduce their plastic waste and impact their products have on the environment and are striving to embed sustainable practices across their entire business.

This well-known leading Australian natural health company manufacture a range of vitamin, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements. All products are manufactured in Australia, palletised and distributed worldwide. The importance of load containment is imperative to ensure the products arrive undamaged and ready for distribution through the retail outlets.

FROMM introduced a new innovative sustainable stretch film that would maintain load integrity but improve sustainability outcomes […]

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