FS2000 Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

Automate pallet wrapping with Æolus - the Latest Wrapping Technology

Experience “automatic” pallet wrapping with the FROMM FS2000 pallet wrapping machine.  Featuring the latest technology, the FROMM FS2000 pallet wrapper is ensured to increase productivity, safety and film cost savings. 

The machine comes standard with FROMM’s revolutionary and patented air attachment system – Æolus.  The Æolus system utilises air to attach the film to the pallet at the beginning of the wrapping cycle. This eliminates the need to secure the stretch film to the pallet by hand.  At the end of the wrapping cycle, the film is automatically cut and sealed to the pallet ensuring no tails or dags.  In combination with the remote control, operators can remain on the forklift during the entire wrapping process. 

Including a 7-inch full-colour touch screen control panel for easy diagnostics and wrap settings selection and visual & audible operational signals, ensuring safety is maximised at all times during the wrapping cycle.  

If you’re looking for more automation and to create a safe and ergonomic working environment, the FROMM FS2000 is an important part of our pallet wrapper range and could be the machine for your business.


Pallet Wrapping Machine


Æolus is the god of wind from Greek and Roman mythology.  He was a son of Poseidon who was appointed by Zeus as the keeper of the winds: Boreas the north wind, Notos the south wind, Euros the east wind and Zephyrus the west wind. 

Æolus kept these winds locked up in a cave and could send them out at will to bring wind.

The FROMM Æolus system is available on all FROMM 2000 series wrapping machine


The new FROMM patented Æolus Air technology, attaches the film to the product by directed airflow at the start of each wrapping cycle. After the automatic cutting of the film at the end of the wrapping cycle, the loose film end is blown / fixed against the package by the same air stream.

This completely eliminates the need to attach film to the pallet by hand and enables the user, after placing the pallet, to run the entire selected wrapping program automatically. The Æolus package includes the film blowing unit, remote control and automatic film cutting device.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

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