Wulftec WCRT200 Automatic Inline Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine

Automatic Wrapping Machine can wrap up to 100 pallets per hour

The Wulftec WCRT200 Automatic Rotary Arm Wrapping Machine is the benchmark for high speed stretch wrapping systems. Capable of processing up to 100 pallets per hour, you will find the WCRT 200 in a range of industries. 

Customisation means it can wrap pallets as high as 3 metres and as low as half a metre. Its suitable for dirty, hot or cold environments with or without a topsheet. 

Load stability is excellent as the machine rotates around the stationary pallet in a prescribed manner. 

Intelligent systems means the WCRT 200 can store information such as loads per hour, throughput, film usage and many more features. 

It features the FROMM two year warranty and can be upgraded to five years with a film contract included. 

Cost of ownership remains low as the entire Wulftec range of wrapping systems are robust, reliable and proven in harsh environments. 

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