Load containment testing

At its most basic, Containment Force is the hugging pressure that holds your load together. Containment Force is the result of the number of revolutions of the stretch film multiplied by the wrap force (tightness). It's the key specification in reducing damage and ensuring safe to ship loads.

FROMM Packaging use a specialised testing cube to determine what pre stretch level and wrapping machine settings will provide the best balance of puncture resistance and load containment.

As we run these tests, we acquire data which can be graphed that will show the compression force the film applies to the load during the wrapping process, puncture resistance of the final wraps, and resistance to further stretching of the wrapped film (containment force) versus time. We can also measure the force required to stretch the film. We can get a real time graph of this data and we can see how it changes at different points in cycles.

The below video demonstrates how the Load Containment Testing Machine works. 

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