Consumable Testing

FROMM Consumable Testing confirms technical specifications against manufacturers claims and minimises the risks of inferior load containment. Our services include:


  • Seal joint efficiency
  • Split testing
  • Elongation
  • Breaking Strain
  • Testing to manufacturers specification

Stretch Wrapping Films:

  • Stretch ratio and elongation
  • Puncture testing
  • Testing to manufacturers specification


The below video demonstrates FROMM's specialised strap testing equipment  

With the global market, suppliers often quote “foreign” standards such as an EU or US specification. For the testing of strapping material, we follow ISO 1421. Additionally, we will compare strapping materials against our library of “similar” product to confirm specifications could be considered “industry norms”.

For stretch film and pallet containment ASTM D4649 standards for containment force, in conjunction with puncture resistance. The standards can also include various individual country standards and the important EU Guidelines for safe transit.

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