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MH200 Steel Strapping Head

Engineered for applications in the timber, metal and building product industries. Fast! Continuous and shift operations. Highly efficient when used for general baling and strapping unitised products.


  • High strap tension up to 18000N, adjustable
  • High seal efficiency up to 80%
  • Linear strap tensioning system
  • Both strap ends tensioned simultaneously
  • Sealless strap joint with MicroLock secured seal
  • Modular feeding and sealing system
  • Low wear on punching tools
  • Pneumatically powered
  • Easy integration
  • Fast exchange of cutting and punching tools
  • Strapping of small package sizes
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service intervals
  • Proven "FROMM" technology
  • Can be retrofitted into other systems
  • Low cost of spare parts
  • Excellent seal efficiency

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Suitable Strapping Qualities Regular duty steel (Uniflex) up to 850N
    High tensile steel (Ultraflex) up to 1100N
  • Strapping Dimensions Width: 19.0 – 32.0 mm
    Thickness: 0.70 – 1.00 mm
  • Strapping Head Type Pneumatic
  • Sealing Method Sealless joint (with three notches)
  • Seal Strength Up to 80% (dependent on strap quality)
  • Strap Tension Up to 18000N, adjustable
  • Feed/Retract Speed 2 metres / second, adjustable
  • Package Size Min. W200 x H100 mm
    Max. W2500 x H3000 mm
  • Power Pneumatic, air pressure min. 6 bar
    Consumption approx. 200 Nl / cycle
  • Control Voltage 24V DC
  • Dimension L 777 x W 270 x H 810 mm
  • Weight 160 kg

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