Dynamic 2100 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

Economical & Reliable Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

Dynamic 2100 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool is FROMM’s entry-level battery strapping tool. Built to be as economical & reliable as possible, the Dynamic is the logical step up from manual strapping tools. Up to 5 times faster than strapping with manual tools, this tool is a great addition to any strapping environment.

For bricks, timber, tiles, bales, aluminium, steel and general strapping the Dynamic 2100 is the solution. 

Backed up by FROMM Packaging Australia, rent or purchase options, the Dynamic 2100 Strapping Tool delivers for the Australian industry. For best results we recommend Fromm's range of premium PET strap.

All equipment is supported by our on-site mobile service team and spare parts are readily available.

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