Automatic Inline Strapping Machine - 800000 Series

Horizontal Strapping Arch to Apply Strapping  Around the Product

The FROMM 800000 series is a fully automatic horizontal strapping system capable of running both steel and plastic strapping material.

The product is positioned via conveyor or forklift adjacent to the frame of the strapping machine, usually moved by conveyor. The FROMM series system then moves downward to apply "Horizontal" banding. The number of straps are determined by the customers need. 

The 80000 series horizontal strapping system is a popular model for masonry, block and brick and is often used in conjunction with a vertical strapping machine such as the 100000 series to create a stable and secure load.

In addition, 800000 series is suitable for agricultural product markets, for trays of fruit or vegetables, bales of hay, fodder or cotton. 

The system can host an array of options including squaring devices, light compression and even robotic application of long vertical corner protection.


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