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FROMM manufacture and market a complete range of orbital stretch wrapping machines.


Often used to wrap long products such as pipes, tubes, doors, extrusions, and timber, our range offers different diameter rings and can be supplied as semi-automatic or fully automatic with or without conveyors or safety systems.

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  • Pallet Wrapping System for large retail chain

    Our customer is a large Australian retail chain and manage a busy warehouse. The warehouse…

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  • Stretch Wrapping System for over sized pallets

    Our customer is a leading plastic film and laminate manufacturer and would often wrap oversized…

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  • Automated Inline Strapping System for Brick Manufacturer

    FROMM Packaging designed and installed two new strapping stations that will revolutionise the way strap…

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  • Automatic Inline Wrapping System for Australian Hay Exporter

    Our customer is a family owned and operated hay farming business located in Western Australia.…

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  • Automatic Inline Strapping System for Plasterboard Manufacturer

    Our client is a manufacturer and distributor of plasterboard in NSW. They had an automatic…

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  • Orbital Wrapping System for Pipe Manufacturer

    Our customer is a manufacturer of small diameter pipe. Historically the pipe was bundled into…

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A few of our customer reviews


A Pallet Wrapping machine is economical and efficient way to of securing loads on a pallet. A Pallet Wrapping Machine will wrap your products on a pallet using a plastic stretch film to enable protection during transit and the best way of ensuring load integrity

From an WH&S prospective, try walking around a pallet waving a 3 KG roll of plastic, perhaps 10 revolutions and with a dizzy head you have probably answered your question. If your despatch department is wrapping multiple pallets per day, a simple stretch wrapping machine would make life easier and safer.

Other important elements to consider are -

From a presentation point of view pallets wrapped by hand are different almost every time when pallets wrapped by a machine present consistently. A stretch wrapping machine can unitise the a pallet to the same standard time after time.

From a load integrity prospective, a pallet wrapped by machine you can regulate how it is wrapped and how much film you have applied to ensure load stability. When doing the same by hand, even with the most diligent employee it's hard to get it right.

From an environmental prospective a wrapping machine will usually give you a better safer product using less plastic than by hand. Less plastic means less waste, simple really.

From the all-important cost prospective, a machine can save you around 40% in film costs compared to wrapping by hand. Do the numbers just in film savings and you will see a benefit. Take into account what else your employee could be doing instead of walking around a pallet, you have productivity savings too.

Finally, with COVID19 and social distancing laws in place, you can keep your employees separated by using machines and limit the need to gather in busy despatch areas.

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