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Packaging Machine Recent Installs

Proven knowledge to design Packaging Machines for your business

FROMM is the trusted packaging brand in Australia with over 70 years’ global experience in developing a broad range of Inline Automatic Packaging Machines including; stretch wrapping, carton taping and strapping for a wide range of industries.  

We have the proven knowledge to design packaging machines for your business. Below is a range of different Automatic Inline Packaging Machine installations we have designed, manufactured and installed.  


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  • Orbital Wrapping Solution for window manufacturer 3.jpg

    Orbital Wrapping Solution for an Aluminium window & door manufacturer

    We recently partnered with an Australian owned and operated Aluminium joinery manufacturer, specialising in window and door frames. They were experiencing problems with the handling of frame stillages. FROMM designed a spiral wrapping machine with a program modification that allowed the wrapping machine to stop as the stillage arm neared the stretch wrapping carriage.

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  • Capral WA Recent Install 1.jpg

    Orbital Wrapping Solution for an Aluminium Profile Manufacturer

    As most of the customer product was light and long, FROMM placed guides on the gravity conveyor. Staff placed the product on the infeed conveyor and pushed it towards the Orbital stretch wrapping system.

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  • AZ Image 250x250.jpg

    Automated Strapping & Wrapping Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    FROMM was approached by an OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) to work with them on a project in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The objective of the project was to completely automate the packaging of one range of very high-value drugs. The OEM created a process where the goods were placed on a cardboard pallet, they were then stretch wrapped, labelled and then a cardboard shroud added before a top board and then cardboard corners before finally being strapped ready to be moved.

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  • Automatic-strapping-machine-cover.jpg

    Automated Strapping Machine with Magazine Bearer System

    FROMM Packaging installed a new automated strapping machine. FROMM focused the solution on equipment reliability over speed. The strapping machine complete with magazines for timber bearers was designed to be a reliable and robust strapping solution for a busy distribution centre.  

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  • Automatic-strapping-machine-cover.jpg

    Automatic Inline Strapping Machine with Robot Bearer Placer and Corner Applicator

    Our customer is one of Australia’s largest building products manufacturers. Due to sales expansion of their lightweight concrete blocks a second factory was opened in Sydney and FROMM was the selected partner to supply and install an Inline Automated Strapping Machine. FROMM engineered a strapping system which put three operations into the one machine meaning a more consistent approach to the unitising process.

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  • FROMM Robot Stretch Wrapper 250 x250pix.jpg

    FROMM Robot Wrapper for Oversized Pallets

    Our customer is Australia’s leading product branding and packaging printer in Victoria. They were looking for a solution to wrap oversized pallets, as their current hand wrapping technique was labour intensive, unreliable and presented risks to staff and customers. 

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  • Orbital-wrapping-machine-cover.jpg

    Orbital Wrapping Solution for Timber Flooring

    An Orbital Wrapping line was developed by FROMM to protect timber flooring panels from any imperfections or damage during transit. 

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  • Hay-max-system-cover.jpg

    New Strapping Heads for Hay Exporter

    FROMM’s Hay Max system of two high speed strapping heads replaced the existing 4 strapping heads and were even quicker, meaning that the customer could bale more hay per day than previously.

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  • Inline-wrapping-machine-cover.jpg

    Inline Pallet Wrapping Machine for Distribution Warehouse

    Our customer is a global player in personal care products with Australian manufacturing and strategically placed distribution centres. With more than 60 pallets per hour needing to be wrapped during peak, and the application of the film critical as to not damage the customers goods, they searched high and far for the best equipment for their application.

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