Stretch Wrapping System for Plywood Manufacturer

Stretch Wrapping System for Plywood Manufacturer


Plywood Manufacturer



Packaging solutions provided:

Wrapping Machine

Date of installation:

December 2017

Stretch Wrapping System for Plywood Manufacturer

Our customer is Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium grade plywood. They were using an old hand wrapping technique that was labour intensive, costly and caused WH&S issues. Plywood is an oversized material usually packaged in two lengths either 2.4 or 3m. Our customer wanted to automate the wrapping process and speed up throughput by allowing forklift staff to load the plywood onto the wrapping machine, apply a top sheet and the stretch film needed to be applied automatically and wrap to pre agreed patterns.

FROMM Packaging Solution


FROMM designed the Wulftec SMH-HVY Wrapping Machine and it featured a long rectangular turntable to accommodate the oversized plywood loads in two lengths either 2.4 or 3m. Wrapping the pallets with the FROMM SMH-HVY Wrapping Machine gave the customer confidence that the products would appear consistent and withstand rigorous shipping conditions.  

The benefits of this packaging line to our customer were the reduction in personnel required for the wrapping process, higher pallet throughput, reduced packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.

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