Semi-Automatic Strapping Solution for Metal Fabricators

Semi-Automatic Strapping Solution for Metal Fabricators


Steel extrusion manufacturer


Metal fabrication

Packaging solutions provided:

Semi-automatic strapping line

Date of installation:

May 2016

A leading steel extrusions manufacturer needed a new strapping machine to adapt to the current production with the ability to easily transform and modify as the business grows.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Solution for Metal Fabricators

This leading provider of steel extrusions for the Building Industry has grown rapidly and their customers’ packaging requirements had become more stringent. They needed to ensure the quality of the strapping of their products was consistent to eliminate any tension variations to improve the handling of their products. They wanted a fully automatic machine which could in the short term operate in a manual function too whilst they addressed other parts of their process line. The simple “mode” change function allowed the strapping machine to offer this feature.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM Australia engineered a strapping system including a FROMM MH600 strapping head and an automatic bearer application.

The strapping head operates on a range of strap dimensions and with excellent tension control and repeatability. The right tension elasticises the strap correctly and maximises the load integrity.

The bearer application was designed for fully automatic use; however it has been adapted for semi-automatic use initially. The customer places a bearer in the bearer guide. By activating the foot switch the machine feeds the bearer in and locates in under the load so the strapping cycle can happen.

In the future a robot can be added to select the bearer, place it and activate the insertion automatically.

The safety features allow the customer to operate in a safe manual mode as well as a full safety zone at a later date as the need arises

The packaging system currently operates on the existing process line and can be added to a new high speed line in the future.

FROMM Packaging Australia designed and manufactured the strapping line and the customer installed with our assistance with the start-up.

This new strapping system was commissioned for under $85,000. Overall it met the clients needs of strapping consistency between each batch and the ability maintain current production loads with the power to easily transform and modify the machine as the business grows in a cost effective manner. 

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