Pallet Wrapping System for large retail chain

Pallet Wrapping System for large retail chain


Large Retail Chain


Warehouse & 3PL

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Date of installation:

January 2017

FROMM Packaging designed and installed four stretch wrapping stations that allow our customer to wrap over 200 pallets per shift without the warehouse staff getting off the forklift.

Pallet Wrapping System for large retail chain

Our customer is a large Australian retail chain and manage a busy warehouse. The warehouse staff are constantly unloading shipping containers, storing product and then pick and pack distribution via pallets. The loads are assembled from a pick list and are usually irregular shapes. Some inboard to the pallet, some outboard. Some loads are heavy and stable, others light and unstable. Our customer wanted an uplift in the number of pallets they distribute each day, improved pallet stabilization and were seeking a wrapping system that required little to no human interaction.

FROMM Packaging Solution

FROMM recommended and installed four WRTA wrapping systems. This WRTA Wrapping System allowed the customer to place the pallet by forklift onto a yellow square and the wrapping cycle activated outside the safety zone. This process meant that the pallet was stationary whilst the wrapping head rotated around the load to secure the products within the stretch film.

During this process the forklift driver was free to undertake other tasks while the wrapping cycle completed.

The benefits of this packaging line to our customer were the reduction in personnel required for the wrapping process, higher pallet throughput, controlled packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.

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