Orbital Wrapping System for Pipe Manufacturer

Orbital Wrapping System for Pipe Manufacturer


Small diameter pipe manufacturer


Metal fabrication

Packaging solutions provided:

Orbital Wrapping system

Date of installation:

May 2016

Orbital Wrapping System for Pipe Manufacturer

Our customer is a manufacturer of small diameter pipe. Historically the pipe was bundled into orders and strapped at both ends prior to dispatch to its final destination. Due to market demand for better presentation, less transit damage and subsequent returns, the customer discussed their options with FROMM.

FROMM Packaging Solution

Our recommendation was a FROMM high speed orbital wrapping machine with conveyors and safety systems. It required an upgrade to the old process line which the customer undertook in house whilst we focused on the wrapper. This installation was engineered by FROMM Australia and the system design reflects the high production throughput and the environment inside the factory.

The orbital machine with its 500mm coil diameter could easily keep up with production forecasts. The wider film roll, once calibrated to the conveyor speed, was able to apply enough stretch film to not only cover each order, act as a dust and weather proof skin, but was strong enough to be part of the packaging and handling restraint.

The entire machine was built at FROMM Finland manufacturing plant under strict quality assurance standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The whole project from design to installation was completed in less than six months.

The new orbital wrapping machine was commissioned for under $85,000. Overall it met the customer requirements by increasing their product throughput, dramatic reduction in product returns and ability to create a dust and weather proof skin to ensure a higher product integrity and presentation.

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