NEO Strapping Solution for Australian Meat Processing Plant

NEO Strapping Solution for Australian Meat Processing Plant


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NEO Strapping Machines

Date of installation:

November 2019

NEO Strapping Solution for Australian Meat Processing Plant

Our customer is an Australian owned and operated meat processing plant located in Victoria. They pack and send meat products around Australia and the world. They had a range of old semi automatic strapping machines that were unreliable and slow. FROMM recommended and installed the robust NEO Strapping machines. 

The NEO Strapping Machine is a high performance unit, with great operator functions such as automatic cycle start by tabletop sensor, automatic strap feed, the ASLF "Anti Strap Loss Function" strap control, intuitive touchscreen operating unit and the exclusive eject function to avoid strap jams and automatic strap feed. The FSM Neo can be used with PP or PET strap in 5 to 12mm widths with a maximum of 325N Tension.  

The FROMM FSM Neo Strapping Machine is robust, powerful and extremely low maintenance which is perfect for a busy warehouse. Our FROMM Service Solutions Team of 11 Service Technicians will continue to work with the customer to service and ensure optimal strapping consistency.  

This new NEO Strapping Machines have increased production throughput, reduced the number of product returns received by ensuring the products are strapped effectively with the right tension. Our customer is delighted with the results.

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